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Struggling to maintain consistent revenue for your business?

Unsure if your jobs are even profitable?

Never able to find enough time in your day?

Frustrated by the challenges of quoting, securing work, managing staff and
keeping up with financial admin?

There is a solution. Get started with the free resources below…

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Bookkeeper for Construction Businesses in Australia

Welcome To Trendsight

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Bookkeeping services in Melbourne for construction businesses

Our purpose is to help trade-based and construction businesses clearly see their profits and manage their cash flow. 

We help businesses with 0-40 employees and annual revenue between $2 million and $30 million.

Based in Melbourne and servicing business owners Australia wide, Trendsight has the insights that will help your business grow. 

Specialised Construction Bookkeeping

As a construction business owner, you have to manage multiple tasks – from keeping track of projects and quoting new ones, to chasing unpaid invoices and managing staff across sites – just to name a few!

Managing so many tasks and project deadlines can be a challenge. When facing such challenges, you need the assistance of an experienced bookkeeper for builders.

At Trendsight, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate bookkeeping for construction projects. We have a team of highly experienced construction bookkeepers who are well-versed in the industry. Our team understands that the construction industry is project-driven and complex, thus making bookkeeping for construction a unique and challenging process.

Our best practice and expertise in bookkeeping for builders allow us to manage your business’s project profitability and assist you with maintaining accurate financial records.

With Trendsight, your construction company is bound to meet your business goals faster and reach new heights.

Reliable Bookkeeping
Services in Melbourne and Australia-wide

Trendsight provides reliable bookkeeping services for construction companies in Melbourne and Australia-wide. We are professional bookkeepers based in Melbourne with many years of experience managing construction bookkeeping for clients across Australia.

Using the best in class bookkeeping software allows us to increase your efficiencies and help you focus more on achieving your business goals. Our experienced bookkeepers can guide you with your business operations and help you build a financially stable construction company.

Hand over the daily financial management of your business to a trustworthy and experienced team. When looking for trusted and reliable construction bookkeeping services in Melbourne, always choose Trendsight.

How Our Construction Bookkeeping Can Help Construction Companies?

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With Accurate Bookkeeping and Reporting


No more late nights

reconciling payments or trying to work out if you’re making money.


Pay your staff

on time and in accordance with Australian laws.


Better cost control

so you don’t lose money on your jobs and can make real profits.


Focus on your business

and hand the bulk of the financial work to an expert.


Find ways to save money

so your business can grow faster.


Real time data

so you can easily see your financial performance.

Hear From Our Clients

Our bookkeepers help construction businesses Australia-wide



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The Business Builders Blog

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Tips from a bookkeeper for construction businesses.

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