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Make life easier: Apps for construction companies 

Software and apps can make a huge difference to the running of a construction business by improving efficiency and reducing costs.

There are plenty of software platforms that have been created to make our working lives easier and the construction industry is no exception. If you haven’t already, it’s time to give up on spreadsheets and add some more cloud-based solutions to your business.

Check out just a few of the tools available to the construction industry that make regular tasks more streamlined:

Google Drive for documents and cloud storage

We all use Google for search and a lot of us use Gmail (Google’s email platform) but have you heard about Google Drive?

Anyone with a Google account (which is easy and free to set up if you don’t) has access to Google Drive. Using this platform, you can create and manage documents that are stored in the cloud. This means you can access them from any connected device. Collaborating and file sharing between you and your co-workers, accountant, clients, or whoever needs access to your business information is simple and can take place in real-time with Google Drive.

Be careful not to share sensitive business information in the folders which your staff and clients have access to.

Apps for construction management and estimation

Getting quotes right can be quite a challenge as a builder. Did you know there are a number of software tools specially designed to help with estimates in the construction industry?

  • Don’t spend hours trying to figure out what you have charged in the past and how that compares to current rates and competition.
  • Don’t get bogged down in what supplies and wages will cost to get a job done.

Some of the tools we recommended are PX360 and Buildxact. These take all of the struggle out of creating estimates and managing your builds. Designed for the construction industry, the small subscription fee of these platforms are definitely worth the efficiency gains.

PX360 also offers live cost tracking, labour management and variation management features. You can use Buildxact to do scheduling, cost tracking and accounting integration as well as estimating.


Keeping track of expenses and revenue can also be a nightmare but there are apps for construction companies that will allow you to track every single transaction without having to search spreadsheets or shift through receipts.

Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks are all useful for digital accounting, and you can use them in conjunction with your bookkeeper.

Xero is particularly helpful in tracking your finances because it can link to your bank account so there is a record of every transaction. Reconciling everything using Xero can still take time so you are better off outsourcing this to someone who is experienced. A good bookkeeper armed with Xero will be able to keep all your expenses organised and understandable. They will help you to prepare for your quarterly BAS (plus your annual tax return) and give you access to ‘at-a-glance’ updates on your financial status.

Xero also works when paired with apps like PX360. Together with your accountant and bookkeeper, these platforms combine to create your project management and accounting team.

Digital signatures

Getting physical pieces of paper signed and organised can be a real hassle, especially during lockdown.

Try a tool like DocuSign to keep signatures and paperwork organised and easy to find. This allows your clients to sign documents from anywhere, on any device.

Shift tracking

If, like most construction business operators, you have a team working different shifts at differing times at different rates, keeping them all in a row can be a nightmare.

Try software like Fergus or Tradify. These easy to use apps for construction companies are great for job management, organising your workforce and keeping track of their hours and movements. Most of them have apps that work across all platforms so you can easily check out your workers’ timetable on your phone at any time.

Otherwise you can use PX360 or Buildxact to track staff hours.

Want help choosing the right software and apps for your construction business? Contact Trendsight today.

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