Who We Are

Tawanda Maravanyika

Our Director

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After building a career in the corporate world, Tawanda launched Trendsight to provide a ‘big business’ level of service to construction businesses in Melbourne and beyond.

The name Trendsight refers to Tawanda and the team’s intricate knowledge of best practices and emerging technology, combined with their vision for a brighter future for construction-based businesses.

With help from the team, you will begin to untangle your finances and start a journey of growth and long-term success. To find out more, book a call today.

Tracie Bucknall

Our Client Manager

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Tracie is our Client Manager based out of the Sunshine Coast in QLD. She comes with a tonne of experience including 10 years running her own bookkeeping business!

She has assisted many businesses experiencing rapid growth to operate more effectively, restructure (where necessary) and adapt to legislative changes. She prides herself on being able to quickly adapt to a variety of landscapes and has a strong focus on planning and communication to enable delivery of successful outcomes.

Our Promise To You

Trendsight provides bookkeeping services for the construction industry. We go beyond the numbers to build a brighter future for your business.


You’re our focus

We care about your results and are with you for the long term.


Experienced team

Work with professionals who specialise in the construction industry.


We’ll over-communicate

You’ll know what’s happening and where you stand at all times.

Our Bookkeeping And Customer Care Team

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Bookkeeper for Construction Businesses in Australia

Sarah Oblianda


Sarah’s been with Trendsight since almost the beginning and knows how we work inside out! She’s an expert when it comes to systems and loves learning new things.

Sarah says, “if I had one superpower, I would want to control the weather. That way it wouldn’t be too hot in summer and too cold when it rains”. She also loves Kpop and Kdrama, so really anything Korean entertainment wise.

Bookkeeper for Construction Businesses in Australia

Geralden Satuita


Geralden’s another of our star bookkeepers. She has a Management Accounting graduate with over 4 years bookkeeping experience.

Outside of Trendsight, Geralden loves the outdoors. She’s an avid camper and hiker and does at least one of those on a monthly basis. She’s also a big fan of the Twilight movies.

Bookkeeper for Construction Businesses in Australia

Jay Lobo


Jay has a Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting and has been working as a bookkeeper for more than 5 years. Jay knows all things Xero and is a great resource for Trendsight.

He has very broad tastes in tv/music. For example, he’s a big fan of John Wick but also loves country music – who says you can’t like both, right?